Dehan and Oliver wanted to do a sunrise do mix it up a little, but they specifically chose Opal Beach because that's the exact spot that they had their FIRST date (swoon). I thought that was the most special place ever to celebrate your engagement! Also I'm convinced the weather warmed up just for us- because even in Pensacola, January is COLD, and it turned into the most beautiful morning.

How it Went

Dehan was super comfortable and ready to go- Oliver naturally hasn't done as many photoshoots, but

was such a natural at it! It was so cute watching her help him with hand placement, and explaining some of the movements. Less than 10 minutes into our session they both looked like pro's.

I absolutely eat it UP when a couple can get lost in the moment. My whole mantra with couples sessions is

"focus on them." Look into their eyes and really look, not because you're being photographed but because it's a moment made for seeing them and appreciating them, really. The best shoots I've ever had have been, much like this one, when they truly are focusing on the moment and taking advantage of someone directly telling them things like "Kiss her cheek!" "Go give him a hum bear hug!" and "Brush the hair out of her face gently and look into her eyes".

Moral of the story: Get lost in the moment.