I'm so happy you're here

A little about me...
I grew up in Nashville, TN, lived in the Chicago area for several years, have since lived/loved several places but finally landed in Pensacola, FL.
I believe in the beauty of life, and those little nostalgic moments that seem to freeze time. I'm inspired by vintage ads, editorial album covers, 90's rom coms, quirky little coffee shops that have a flavor all their own...I love people who are down to have real conversations and create real art together.


For me, photography is a creative outlet, a stress reliever, and a means to meeting some of the most incredible people ( like you!)

I have always loved details, small moments and the little crevices of time that we often take for granted. Those are the moments I adore capturing. Whether it's a moment shared by newlyweds during their first dance or a shared glance between friends - I'm HERE for it!

If you see beauty the same way I do, let's work together!